After getting back into town and finishing transferring the site to WordPress, it seems like a good time to do an update of what titles are actually getting worked on. In total, I am working on 5 games. Both Spin Drift and Amphibix 2 were cancelled at one point, but now they are back in production alongside some of my more recent game works in progress (Endgame, Techno-Drone 3, and Shadow Mask).

I guess I just got sick of throwing 70% of my work away, but also I think this is going to prove to be a great way to let all of my ideas find a home in one of these 5 games in production.  If I have a great idea for a puzzle, it can go into Amphibix or Spin Drift. If I have a great action level idea, it can go into Endgame or Techno-Drone 3. Previously I’ve only developed one game at a time, but this new way of doing things is already proving to be far more interesting, and I’m sure the games will be far better because of it.

Here’s just a quick breakdown of each game:


I’m still on the fence regarding the age range for this one, it will be at least teen though. Endgame is a more linear, action and boss oriented type of game. Inspirations from Contra, MegaMan, and Street Fighter 2010 (the NES game, not the arcade fighter game) are abundant. Awesome boss battles, crazy enemies, and a far more developed future dystopia type story with allusions to some of the topics Alex Jones covered in his documentary of the same name, which you can watch here. Check out the some of the concept art here and a music sample here. This is by far the most intense and serious type of game I’ve ever done.


Spin Drift:

This game was kind of all over the place at one point, which is why it was cancelled. There’s so much good stuff in this game though. This is certainly the nicest looking and heavily researched game I’ve ever done. Spin Drift is more focused on exploration and discovery mixed with puzzles and some good quick action and timing. I ramble endlessly about this game on a earlier blog post which you can read here.


Amphibix 2:

Yes, Amphibix 2 is back! The screen shot here is not very accurate, as the attacking element of this game is going to be removed (and perhaps put into Spin Drift, as it would be more fitting). I’m going to do what I originally set out to do with Amphibix 2, and simply not mess with a good thing and just augment and enhance the gameplay and story from the original. Working on different games at one time help each game maintain its identity, which is the opposite of what I originally expected.


Techno-Drone 3:

This one is still just on paper, but it’s the third installment in the series, so I have a very good idea what it’s going to be like. TD3 will be done in the “American Modernism” style. Depicted below is a classic example of American Modernism titled “Glass” illustrated by Hugh Terris in his book “The Metropolis of To-morrow”. I’m having a lot of fun researching this style, and much like Ampihbix 2, Techno-Drone can maintain its identity without all my new ideas turning it into something it’s not. This one is going to be awesome.


Shadow Mask:

This has something of a prototype, but nothing worth looking at just yet. This is a combination of a much earlier idea which was actually a combination of two games I love: Shadow Man and Majora’s Mask. This is my first RPG, with one major twist; the whole game is going to run on multiple fabricated web browser pages. It’s tough to describe, but I think I really hit gold with this one. Plus exploring voodoo lore while assuming different identities with various magical masks is going to prove to be a very new and interesting experience for the player.

The goal is to build up all of these games somewhat in tandem, instead of throwing away 4 and only keeping 1. While this might seem overly ambitous, I’ve been doing this all along, so there isn’t much of a change in workload for me :P  So GBS should be rapid-firing a ton of great games in the near future! So many games… so little time…

Thanks for reading!

-Johnny B.


3 Responses to “Multiplicity”

  1. Really looking forward to spindrift and now endgame has peaked my interest. Sounds like and odd question but do they have pause screens? i would love to feature them in my blog if so

  2. goldenbeaststudios Says:

    Endgame has a kind of Techy Overlay over the paused game (although it’s not entirely finished). The Spin Drift pause screen doesn’t show the actual game paused, it displays a separate screen full of optoins with plankton swiming about. I can send you some screenshots if you like, just shoot an email over to and I’ll reply with some screenshots :)


    -Johnny B.

  3. Hey! Glad to see you’re bringing back Spin Drift and Amphibix 2. Endgame still looks awesome, and I can’t wait for TD3. Shadow Mask has got me curious. Great update!

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