Battle the robot minions of Dr. Alien in 6 intense rounds of vertical dodging, robot blasting action! Do you have what it takes to defeat the nefarious Dr. Alien and get the energy cube to the power plant?
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One Response to “Anyman”

  1. Enjoyable for a few minutes, but any game where I have no ability to move tends to become boring fairly quickly. Being able, also, to only move upwards, while gravity slowly draws me back down reduces the game to such a basic state I’m not sure I’m ever tired enough to find it a challenge – until Dr Alien himself, the only stage capable of dealing more damage/attack radius than you per second.

    Such a basic concept I don’t know how to offer critique, but evidently you made something you wanted to make, and you presented it well. I’ll have a look through some of yours others ^_^

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