Cool links

Here is a collection of cool and interesting links. Most are game related, although recently I’ve expanded it to include all the sites I come across when researching a game. There’s some really good information in here! Check em’ out!


If you don’t know already, here’s the story behind Mario 2 for NES:

Check out the Equinox music shrine!

If you admire any of the background art from the games of yesteryear (as well as more recent games) check out VGMaps

The Pickfords Bros’ Zub Archive is awesome.

Read about the Halcyon Days of retro gaming, a fascinating read!

If you’re looking for a obscure game track, you’ll most likely find it here:

I played the original pong here! A must see if you’re in the SF bay area

Like free indie games? Check out

Some 16 bit art I did for “8-bit cannibalism”

PBS’s history of gaming:

Can you mentally force the sphere to obey your commands?

Well this just opens a whole can of worms…

A 360 built into a laptop. Neato.

Forty years of Lunar Lander:

NES and Legos, a match made in heaven:

Hot Trout’s Retro Computer Ramblings:

Looking for NES box art?

Behind the game: Amphibix

The 30th anniversary of PacMan is coming close!

Check out the OSTation’s Mega Man jukebox. There’s 200 Mega Man songs on this playlist!

I want one:

A sweet SMB sub woofer!

You’ll get all the ladies with this ride:

A Wii decked out with Mario stuff. Awesome.

Mario “?” blocks a terrorist threat?

“If these where Sonic Rings you’d take these.”

Read Classic Gamer Magazine!

I’m jealous that I didn’t make this game :P                     

 If you like to look at plankton as much as I do, you’ll love this site!

Any megaman fan should check this out

Check out Pelikonepeijoonit’s Light Gun collection!

Here’s a insanely awesome vectrex site:

Old TVs are awesome.

To New Horizons:

Check out the kawanish N1K1-J

SMB Crossover is pretty tight:

Pee-Wee weighs in on the iPad:

I nifty NES blanket:

Here’s some GBS pause screens on “The Pause Screen” blog:

Check out Peachy’s 8-bit music selections:

I totally read these when I was a kid:

“What are you supposed to do? Tell ’em what you really think?”


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