Techno-Drone Alliance

Description: Use the mouse to control the Home Base and Battle Orb in 6 non-linear levels. I love the feel and music of this game. Techno-Drone Alliance offers some pretty unique challenges, and marks the first time I created a boss fight at the end of the game. This is a very slick and regal sequal to Techno-Drone. Stay tuned for Techno-Drone 3!

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One Response to “Techno-Drone Alliance”

  1. Just downloaded and tried out Techno Drone Alliance and I gotta say wow, first visually impressive game I’ve seen through Game Maker. It was a lot of stuff happening at once, but still very unique and SUPER slick interface. I’m working on my first GM game, the website link goes to my dA page which shows some of the graphics for it, which I’m happy with but I’d love to try and create and interface as smooth as the one in this game.

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