Johnny B.’s VGM picks

Here’s a collection of some great game tunes. This is an ongoing collection of game music, by me, Johnny B. Follow GBS on twitter to get new my latest VGM picks as they come out!

TMNT 4 “Technodrone”

King Arthur’s World “Funky Goblin”

Bomberman Hero “Wok”

Little Nemo “Cloud Ruins”

Plok “Beach”

Megaman X4 “Split Mushroom”

Mario Kart “Rainbow Road”

Contra 3 “Steel Factory”

EVO “The Ocean”

Street Fighter 2010 “Planet 1, Area 2”

Brainlord “Tower of Light”

Plok “Creepy Crag”

Bomberman Hero “Redial”

Super Metroid “Brinstar”

Donkey Kong Country 2 “Stickerbush Symphony”

Super Ghouls and Ghosts “Ice Forest”

Metroid Prime 2 “Final Countdown”

TMNT 4 “Neon Night Riders”

Equinox “Tori”:

F-Zero “Sand Ocean”

Goldeneye 007 “Converted Missle Train”

Megaman X5 “Shining Hotarunicus”

Bomberman 64 “Altair Battle 2”

TMNT 4 “Star Base”

Kirby’s Adventure “Final Battle 2”

Super Ghouls and Ghosts “Castle of the Emperor”

Metroid Prime 2 “Agon Wastes”

Megaman 9 “Overdrive Scramble”

Capcom vs SNK 2 “Wipe Out”

King Arthur’s World “Cavern Deep”

Megaman 4 “Dust Man”

Toejam & Earl “Funkotronic Beat”

Legend of the Mystical Ninja “Otafu Army Base”

Brainlord “Town of Arcs”

Killer Instinct “Fulgore”

Little Nemo “Nightmare World”

Sonic the Hedgehog “Final Zone”

Mickey Mania “Final Boss”

Ducktails “The Moon”

Adventure Island “Area 1”

Street Fighter EX 3 “Iron Eyes”

Street Fighter EX 3 “Ancient Zone”

Mario Paint “Flyswatter Level 1”

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time “Lost Woods”

Double Dragon “Mission 1”

The Adventures of Bayou Billy “BGM 1”

Shadowrun “Oldtown Station”

Little Nemo “Ending”

Little Nemo “Nightmare World”

Super Ghouls and Ghosts “Crucible of Flame”

Bomberman 64 “Red Mountain”

Capcom vs. SNK 2 “Wicked Fight”

TMNT 4 “Star Base”

Bomberman Hero “Fatadic”

Majora’s Mask “Song of Healing”

Ninja Gaiden 2 “Act 2-1”

Street Fighter 2010 “Planet 1, Area 3′

Mario Kart “Battle Mode”

Sin and Punishment “Stage 2-1”

Final Fantasy 3 (6 JP) “Protect the Espers!”

Shadowrun “Hotel”

Toejam & Earl “Toejame Jammin'”

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest “Boss Battle”

Mario World 2 Yoshi’s Island “Underground”

Super Bonk “Trampo Clouds”

1943 “Stage Theme Song”

Actraiser “Final Boss”

Actraiser “Northwall Stage 2”

Dracula X “Stage 5, Slash”

Art of Fighting “Lee’s Theme song”

Art of Fighting 2 “Blue Moon Factory”

Batman “Boss Theme”

Battletoads & Double Dragon “Stage 2”

Blades of Steel “Game Start”

Blaster Master “Area 2”

Bomberman 64 “Blue Resort”

Bomberman 64 “White Glacier”

Brainlord “Town of Arcs”

Brutal Paws of Fury “Bridge in the Mountains”

Claymates “Africa”

Super C “Stage 1”

Super C “Babalu Destructoid Mechanism”

Donkey Kong Country “Fear Factory”

E.V.O. “Mother Earth”


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